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X4 Inventory Control

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Managing inventory is a key function because it represents a significant investment yet distribution is increasingly becoming a service business rather than a product business, requiring new tools for inventory managers. With more new products being introduced to the marketplace every day, distributors face new challenges in having the right products at the right time, avoiding out-of-stock situations and properly balancing their inventory investment to the right market mix.

X4 provides the inventory management tools to anticipate product demand, track supplier performance and shift resources from poor performers to new products that sell. X4 automatically allocates received inventory to backorders and automates transfers of over-stocks between branches.

The investment you have in inventory is properly managed at all times because X4 tracks what a dollar invested in inventory actually earns, by item, by product line or by stocking location. X4 will keep the right amount of inventory for fast movers while preventing over-stocks and dead-stock accumulation. X4 allows multiple bin locations and supports annual and cycle inventory counts.

X4 has all the functionality normally found in higher end warehousing operations yet is available for small and medium sized distributors at attractive prices. To see more click here for an online demo, or contact us for a live demonstration!