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Our Mission Statement:

"Proudly empowering our customers to succeed by creating and delivering innovative business solutions".


Our Company:

Rinax has been developing IT solutions for businesses since 1974 and was incorporated in 1983. The name RINAX is an acronym derived from 'Real-Time Inventory Control and Accounting'. Our offices include program development, customer support, advanced training, sales and administration. The Company is located in Calgary, Alberta Canada and is privately owned. 

Our Technology:

Our management software, called ‘X4', is a client-server application, combining the user-friendliness of Windows with the power and reliability of Linux. Rinax X4 and was developed with Microsoft's VB.NET, deployed on individual PC's or a Windows application server, using notebooks, PC's or thin-clients as workstations. The application is integrated with an IBM/Informix SQL database running on a Red Hat Linux database server.

Our Partners:

We have three decades of experience providing hardware and network solutions to our customers. Much of our success has to do with our solid relationship with our business partners. These include partnerships with Microsoft®, IBM®, Cisco®, Red Hat Linux®, Symantec®, Okidata®, Seanix®, Synnex, Multi-tech®, APC® and others. Together we have helped hundreds of customers improve their business networks and enhance the efficiency of their operations with effective hardware, software and network tools.

Our Software and Services:

Rinax Systems Ltd. is a leading provider of business management software and network solutions for distribution companies. Our software and services include:

We serve clients with single store and multi-branch operations in a variety of Wholesale and Retail Distribution industries. These include Auto Parts Distribution, Heavy Truck Parts Distribution, Industrial Supply, Agricultural Supply, Marine Supply, Oilfield Supply and more.

Our clients often have limited IT expertise and rely on us to provide turn-key computer systems integrated with websites and E-Commerce front-ends. Included with our business software are comprehensive data-file conversion services from legacy systems, software training and network training and on-going help-desk services.