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Security System

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The X4 security system gives you the flexibility to manage permissions and authorizations to very fine levels of detail if you wish it. There are two primary categories of authorization, by function or by file. For example, function would be allowing permission to access a process such as the Order Entry menu, or even to individual functions within Order Entry (example: distinguishing between enabling stock enquiries but not permitting the finalization of an invoice). The second category of authorization, by file, would for example allow or disallow access to customer maintenance or inventory maintenance. Different levels of authorization are allowed as well, for example whether or not an individual is permitted to see cost prices.

Authorizations can be allocated very specifically by individual, or categories of permissions can be enabled, and individual staff members assigned to that category.

Whatever your security need, chances are the X4 security system will be able to manage it easily and effectively. To see more click here for an online demo, or contact us for a live demonstration!