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Service Order/Work Order

Rinax Service Order/Work Order is designed for a variety of shop environments. It will simplify processes, help protect and grow revenue while boosting the gross margin on labour and will assist in monitoring shop performance and controlling costs.

A Service Order (Work Order) in Rinax has all of the features and functionality of our ‘Order Entry (Invoicing)’ module, with additional enhancements specifically created for shop environments. Service Order/Work order is fully integrated with all other Rinax modules and with the Rinax accounting system.

Labour procedures, or tasks, can be defined for the purposes of assigning fees while also allocating labour costs behind-the-scenes for calculating labour gross margin and productivity. Labour fees can be hourly or flat-rated and labour costs can be assigned by individual employee with their corresponding hourly rate, allowing for regular time/overtime rates.

Inventory items (both stocked and non-stocked) and sublets can be assigned and grouped by procedures/task. Special order items can be directly assigned to the job in the shop ensuring these items are billed properly. Shop supplies can be automatically applied.

Reporting functions allow the review of shop productivity by employee, by task. Find out who generates the most favourable gross margin on labour, by task, by job.

The ‘rebuild for stock’ feature enables processes for pre-fabricated or rebuilt items to be automated and that these reconditioned or remanufactured items flow automatically into inventory.

Rinax Service Order/Work Order is currently available in ‘character based’ format and will soon be available in our ‘X4’ windows format.