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Internet enabled (e-commerce) transactions are growing at exponential rates because of the convenience and efficiency of on-line ordering and due to the wealth of information available for consumers. With Rinax e-commerce your customers will easily view pictures of products, instantly get detailed specifications and product information and effortlessly place orders online. Rinax will build you a custom website (or provide a link from your existing website) to integrate your e-commerce solution for a seamless, integrated and easy-to-use on-line presence.

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Rinax offers two e-commerce solutions depending upon the market that you serve. For wholesale and retail distributors serving a variety of vertical markets, Rinax offers a comprehensive, feature rich e-commerce front-end application, fully integrated with Rinax X4 point-of-sale; including advanced product search, order confirmation, session summary, wholesale (charge to account) and/or retail (credit card) transactions, shoppers order status, save shopping cart, administrative site management and much more. There may be no better opportunity for your business to market your products and attract new customers while simultaneously streamlining operations and reducing costs.

For the automotive aftermarket, Rinax has partnered with WHI Inc. and Nexpart e-commerce to provide a fully integrated on-line ordering website, complete with an automotive parts catalogue, save shopping cart, multiple store order display, web-site sales transaction reporting and much more